Y13 French

This course builds on prior knowledge from Level Two and extends students by delving further into such language structures as the subjunctive as well as challenging students to explore different world views and issues. This will allow students to adapt to any situation in the future, be that on exchange, during travel or in business. Students will be able to communicate meaningfully about their own ideas and opinions and will also ensure they can support or challenge the ideas and opinions of others. Students will also be able to respond critically to texts such as films and novels throughout the Level Three course.  

Pre-requisite:                            Year 12 French

Cost:                                                    $20 Language Perfect ; $32 Grammar Book ; $10 Revision Booklets ; $10 French Extra Activity

Achievement Standards:          3 internal achievement standards (speech, writing portfolio and
              interaction portfolio) and 2 external achievement standards (listening
             and reading)

Leads to:                                              Further study in French, international exchange possibilities.

Links to:                                  Careers in and involving Languages, exchange opportunities.